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What we do

eCarUp are experts in EV charging station management. With our solution, we maximise returns from under-utilised charging stations for electric cars at offices, hotels, retail centres or apartment complexes – and transform payments with our intuitive app.

Using industry-leading technology, our flexible charging station management solution is used for private, semiprivate and public charging stations.

eCarUp can be precisely tailored to your specific needs – either by integrating into your existing setup to drive additional value, or by installing new charging stations.

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Energy Service Providers
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Apartment Buildings
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Hotels & Hospitality
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Public Sector
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How we’re different

Do You Drive An eCar?

Find charging in seconds. eCarUp is a platform for charging stations that are held by local businesses and privates. You get access to charging stations – and parking lots – in less developed areas while supporting locals. Prices are usually very competitive and payment is 100% transparent.

eCarUp for e-drivers

eCarUp is designed to be simple to use and transparent regarding prices

We are looking for partners!

Our strength is the development and constant improvement of the eCarUp technology. We are looking for partners to install, add-on and sell our intelligent upgrade kit to charging stations. Please contact us if you are interested in a cooperation!

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