Upgrade Kits

We make any charging station intelligent!


The eCarUp Upgrade Kits

Our upgrade kits can be added to any existing or new charging station. The eCarUp hardware is on the one hand a metering device – it measures electricity. On the other hand it can switch the charging station on/off. The hardware is controlled by the eCarUp App.

  • Available for 1 Phase (<3.7 kW) or 3 Phase (<22kW)
  • Collects data, which can be accessed in real time in the eCarUp App
  • Manufacturer independent – installation either within the charging box or along the supply line
  • Low to no operational costs (depending on possible additional services)
  • DIN rail mounting

Please note that the upgrade kit must be installed by a professional.

eCarUp Upgrade Set up to 22kW


CHF 398

Suitable for any 3-phase charging station

smart-me 3-phase meter


CHF 204

Suitable for any 1-phase charging station

Quick Installation Guide

Learn how to install the hardware and how to get started with the eCarUp app