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Pico EV Charging Station

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The smart-me  EV charging station is uncomplicated, environmentally friendly and you do not need a degree in electrical engineering (or IT) to operate it! It includes:

  • All functions of the eCarUp backend
  • Connection to the cloud via WiFi or cellular (included in the purchase price)
  • Flexible and intelligent power distribution for load balancing
  • Seamless integration into the energy management of the building
  • Data can be used for billing (EU certification)
  • Large, customizable display
  • Open interfaces to third-party systems
  • Clean electric mobility – with clean charging

Wallboxes and Charging Stations

There are a variety of charging stations to choose from. Our portfolio of charging station models includes all the stations that we have already tested with our backend. Basically, we can integrate any charging station in our backend. Either via a standard interface (OCPP charging stations) or via a retrofit kit.


Our pricing is just like our backend: easy. The basic functions are free. There is a 10% commission on all credit card transactions. Additional software is bought per month and per charging point.


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