Start off the right foot

Create the basis for your simply clever charging infrastructure. It’s so easy, it can be rented out immediately after installation. Chose from a range of ready assembled charging stations fit for any context.

Looking for a different charging station?

eCarUp makes every charging station intelligent! Buy the charging station of your choice. Your electrician can easily build in our upgrade kit.

Upgrade kit

for any charging station

Basic Version

  •  + Live Monitoring
  • + Set Availabilities
  • + Private, Limited and Public Use
  • + Set Prices Yourself

Load Management

CHF3.-/month & charge point
  • Thanks to load management, the connection performance is never exceeded. The charge quantity is distributed automatically.


CHF2.-/month & charge point
  • Reports can be created for individual charging points and for users. You can also set the VAT rate yourself.


CHF1.-/month & charge point
  • In the "Maintenance" tab, an OCPP station can be diagnosed, parameterized and expanded.