Price Sheet

The price sheet gives you an idea of ​​the costs for various popular charging stations, additional modules and the upgrade kits.



The general flyer gives you an overview of all functions and advantages of eCarUp.


eCarUp Installation

Qualified service personnel must perform wiring only. The eCarUp hardware can be installed either within the charging box or along the supply line.

Quick Installation Guide

The Quick Installation Guide explains the installation of the hardware and how to get started with the eCarUp App,


eCarUp can be applied to various contexts. Find out more about the different areas of application.


Encourage your inhabitants to switch to electric vehicles to improve the infrastructure in your town. eCarUp is low-cost in acquisition and in operation!


Get new customers by adding a charging points to your parking. eCarUp provides load management that enable a larger number of charging stations.

Energy Providers

Explore new business fields and extend the services to you customers. eCarUp is an open system, compatible with any other open system.


With eCarUp you may reserve your charging stations during business hours for your fleet. On the weekend you can make it available to the public.


Attract new customers by providing a charging point. Think about giving your regular guests a discount on charging and parking to increase customer loyalty.

Apartment Buildings

With eCarUp you can add the charged energy to the energy bill of each renter or get paid by guests. Different prices for different usergroups can be set.