FAQ for Charging Station Providers

General Information | My Profile

On which smartphones does the eCarUp app run?

The eCarUp app requires iOS 8 or Android 5.0 (or more recent).

How can I delete my profile?

You can’t delete your profile yourself. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with a statement why you want to delete your profile.


General Information | Community & Fairplay

Can eCarUp exclude users from the platform?

We reserve the right to terminate a user’s account and to change or to delete web contents.

What can I do, if a driver parks longer than stated in the app?

eCarUp stations do not provide power to users that are not authorised. It is the responsibility of the charging station owner to penalize misuse.

What happens, if a driver damages my charging station?

Liability insurance is mandatory in the Swiss Road Traffic Act. Therefore eCarUp refuses any liability towards any damages caused by users.

What does eCarUp in case of a dispute between charging station owner and user?

According to our general terms of business, disputes are to be handled bilaterally.

What can I do if I damaged a charging station?

According to the Swiss Road Traffic Act, all damages need to be declared to the station owner. If one can’t find the station owner, you need to inform the police.

Your liability insurance covers damages you caused. eCarUp refuses any liability towards damages.


eCarUp Hardware | General Information

What is the eCarUp Hardware and what does it do?

The eCarUp hardware measures the energy flows of your charging station.The data is transmitted directly to the cloud. You can monitor your charging station in real-time via smartphone. The eCarUp hardware has a control function, too. This allows identified and authorized users to activate the charging station.

Is the eCarUp hardware also active if there is no charging going on?

Yes, the eCarUp hardware is connected to the cloud. If the Wifi connection is broken, the power supply interrupted or another reason disturbing the connection, the charging station will display “Out of Order” in the app.  

Does your eCarUp hardware need a check-up?

  • Check the power supply of your charging station
  • Check the Wifi connection

If your charging station hasn’t connected to the cloud for 10 minutes or more it will show “Out of Order” in the app.

Please let us know about any malfunctions and defects if the above listed measures didn’t bring any improvements.

Our support is available during business hours  +41 41 511 09 70.

What’s the power consumption of the eCarUp hardware?

The eCarUp hardware needs at max 0.8W per phase. This is about 0.08 CHF per month.


eCarUp Hardware | Installation

How is the eCarUp hardware installed?

The eCarUp hardware is installed like a standard wired 3 phase energy meter. You find the installation scheme in our Quick Installation Guide. Contact a professional to install the eCarUp hardware.

How long does the installation of the eCarUp hardware take?

The time required depends on the charging station.

Can I install the eCarUp hardware myself?

No, only a professional can install the eCarUp hardware.

Can I reuse an eCarUp hardware in a new charging box?

Yes, a professional can remove the eCarUp hardware and install it in a different one.

How do I apply the QR code on my charging box?

Apply the supplied QR-code on a dry and clean surface.


Charging | General Information

How does the charging work?

The simplest way is to open the eCarUp app and scan the QR Code on the charging station. You will see immediately the costs of the station and be able to activate it. In the app you can use the prepaid option.

You can also start the charging without the app: Scan the QR-Code with your smartphone or enter the QR-Code number on ecarup.com/code. This leads to the instant payment site, which requires to enter your credit card information.

Do I always need to activate the may charging station via smartphone?

Yes, the charging stations needs to be activated by app, also by the owner. This ensures that only authorized users may charge at the station.


Charging | Revenues

What happens to the revenues of my charging station?

The revenue is transferred to your eCarUp budget. You can use it to charge your electric vehicle at other eCarUp charging stations. You can also initiate a cash out of your revenues to your specified bank account.

Are the revenues generated by an eCarUp charging station taxable?

The revenues from renting out your charging station are taxable. Reductions in value of the charging station and expenses linked directly to the revenue creation are deductible (in Switzerland). Please check your local legislation.


My Charging Station | General Information

I want to share a charging station! What do I do?

Scenario 1: You already own a charging station

The eCarUp hardware can be integrated into any existing charging station. Please order your eCarUp hardware hereContact a professional to install the eCarUp hardware.

Scenario 2: You don’t have a charging station yet

You find various ready assembled charging boxes on our site. If you prefer a different model or type, you can order the charging station of your choice and use one of our upgrade kits to make it intelligent.

Contact a professional to install the eCarUp hardware.

As soon as the hardware is installed, you can register your charging station in the eCarUp network. The Quick Installation Guide gives the needed instructions.

Can I install the eCarUp Hardware in any charging station?

The eCarUp hardware can either be installed within the charging box or along the supply line. Seek advice of a professional to determine which option is best for you.  

Can I manage multiple charging stations with a single account?

Yes, you can manage an unlimited number of charging stations with one account.


My Charging Station | Users & Availabilities

What does access type mean?

The different access types help you to decide, who may use your charging station.

Public: Everybody can use your charging station

Limited: Only you and people you invite have access

Private: Only you have access to the station

What are public / special users?


A public charging station can be used by everyone.

Special users

You can give special users preferential availabilities and prices for your charging station..

For example, you can choose to give acquaintances, neighbors, employees lower energy prices. If you want to share your charging station for free, there won’t be any eCarUp commission as well.

How can I change the user rights of my charging station?

You can change the user rights in “Reserved times”. At “Default dates”  you can enter recurring reservations, e.g. during business hours only employees may use the charging station.

I can’t see my charging station on the eCarUp App. Why?

This can have several reasons:

  • Check whether or not your charging station is “public”
  • Check the power supply of the charging station
  • Check the connection between the eCarUp Hardware and the charging box

If your charging station hasn’t connected to the cloud for 10 minutes or more it will show “Out of Order” in the app.

Will I be able not to make my charging station public?

Yes, every owner has full control over the user rights of its charging station. The accessibility can be changed easily in the app at any time. Learn more about the possibilities of the eCarUp app in the demo video.


My Charging Station | Prices

How can I promote my charging station?

Your charging station can be found in the eCarUp app if you chose “public”. An attractive profile includes a description and a picture. It helps possible users to find it more easily.

How do I calculate the prices for charging and parking at my charging station?

Inform yourself on the local prices. Generally, prices range between the following:

Energy: 20 to 35 Ct/kWh

Parking Fees: 0.50 to 5 EUR/h

What is the eCarUp commission?

The commission allows us to operate and develop the eCarUp platform.

We charge a 10% commission on any net transactions. The commission is deducted directly during the payment process. Additionally, depending on the payment method, a fee may be subtracted (e.g. credit card fees)

All fees are made transparent before payment.


My Charging Station | Reservations

How can I reserve my own charging station?

Change the availability of your charging station to “private” during the time you don’t’ want to share it. The charging station is not visible to other users in the eCarUp app during these times.