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General Informations | My Profile

How does eCarUp handle sensitive data?

All personal information is dealt with in strict confidence. Your details will not be transferred to third parties. Your personal information is encrypted in our system.

How can I delete my profile?

You can’t delete your profile yourself. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with a statement why you want to delete your profile.

How do I know if I am an invited user at a charging station?

You can see your preferential rates in the various station search tools in the eCarUp App.


General Informations | Registration

How do I participate in the eCarUp community?

Download the free eCarUp App and register. The eCarUp app is free and doesn’t require any subscriptions.

Do I need to give my credit card details?

The use of most stations for electric cars is at the users expense. Therefore you need to give your credit card details.


General Informations | Preconditions

What are the preconditions to use an eCarUp charging station?

Yes, you do need a internet-capable mobile phone. The easiest way to use an eCarUp charging station is by using the eCarUp app which requires iOS 8 or Android 5.0 (or newer). Alternatively it is also possible to use the instant payment function to activate and pay for an eCarUp station.

Do I need a smartphone?

Yes, you do need a internet-capable mobile phone.

On which smartphones does the eCarUp app run?

The eCarUp app requires iOS 8 or Android 5.0 (or more recent).


Charge | General Informations

Do I need to download the eCarUp app?

No, you can use the instant payment function. This requires a internet-capable mobile phone. Scan the QR-Code on the charging station or enter the QR Code number at www.ecarup.com/code.

How can I search for a specific charging station?

You find an overview of all charging stations in the eCarUp app. There is also a map view.

Where do I find an overview of all my past chargings?

You will find an overview of all past charging events under the menu point “History”. You can chose the time frame to be displayed.


Charge | Activation of the Charging Station

How do I activate a charging station?

The simplest way is to open the eCarUp app and scan the QR Code on the charging station. You will see immediately the costs of the station and be able to activate it. In the app you can use the prepay option.

You can also start the charging without the app: Scan the QR-Code with your smartphone or enter the QR-Code number on ecarup.com/code. This leads to the instant payment site, which requires to enter your credit card information.


Charge | Prices & Payment

What is the eCarUp commission?

The commission allows us to operate and develop the eCarUp platform.

We charge a 10% commission on any net transactions. The commission is deducted directly during the payment process. Additionally, depending on the payment method, a fee may be subtracted (e.g. credit card fees)

All fees are made transparent before payment.

What is the composition of the prices?

The prices of each charging station are displayed in the eCarUp app. Every charging station provider can chose the prices themself. The total price is composed by energy price and parking fee. (Reservation costs). The price of one charging event is therefore dependent on the chosen charging station, the total parking time and the charged energy. Generally the prices are as follows:

Energy price: 20 to 35 Ct/kWh

Parking fee: 0.50 to 5 EUR/h

How do I pay for the charging and parking fee?

You can either pay per prepay option in the app or use the instant payment function. Currently, only credit card payment is available.