Load Balancing dynamic & static

Charge an unlimited number of electric cars. The eCarUp load management is hardware agnostic and can be flexibly adapted to your needs. Not required for OCPP charging stations.

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Product Manager

How does load management work?

eCarUp works with real-time data and can therefore control particularly precisely. The amount charged is distributed according to the number of cars plugged in and the available building energy. So that the vehicles are charged as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.


Add chargers one-by-one. You are free to modify load management groups at any time,


eCarUp provides interfaces to other systems. For example, to smart home or energy management systems.


The dynamic load management takes the current building load into account.


Visualizes charging processes, statistics and malfunctions in the eCarUp web portal.


Is compatible with charging stations from different manufacturers.


Charges electric vehicles even if the internet connection is interrupted.

90 Seconds to set up load balancing

Set up your load management in less than two minutes.

  1. Log in to the eCarUp web portal
  2. Then create load management groups
  3. And finally enter the connected load.

From then on, the system automatically controls the charging capacity of each individual charging point.

Pricing Load Management

The cost for the load management is CHF 3.- per month and charging point or one-time CHF 360.-

It can be purchased individually for each charging station. It is a supplement to the free basic functions of monitoring, renting and billing.

Suitable Charging Stations

The EV stations must support a software-based load management. Depending on the charging station, the charging power can be regulated more or less flexibly. Get in touch with us to learn, which station is suitable to your needs!


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