Load Balancing dynamic & static

Load balancing ensures that the connected load of a building is not exceeded. With the Pico E-charging station from smart-me, dynamic load management can be implemented under certain conditions.

Questions about the implementation? Our partners know!

Static & Dynamic Load Balancing

Many charging stations come with static load balancing. With static load management, a fixed maximum power is distributed to the charging points. eCarUp does not intervene in the static load management of the charging stations.

Dynamic load management distributes the charging amount depending on the number of plugged-in cars and available building energy. In this way, the available amount of electricity is used efficiently and charged as quickly as possible at the same time.

Dynamic load management can only be implemented with the Pico charging station from smart-me.


The dynamic load management takes the current building load into account.


eCarUp provides interfaces to other systems. For example, to smart home or energy management systems.


Charges electric vehicles even if the internet connection is interrupted.

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