Energy Service Providers

There is no need for a RFID card. However, eCarUp can be integrated into OCPP. Unlike other providers, we offer a user first service – and will never charge unexpected fees. Your advantages with eCarUp at a glance:

…simple & universal

  • Any charging station from any manufacturer can be easily upgraded
  • Management of charging points on administration portal or free app
  • Load managements functions
  • Charging station owners adjust user rights, parking fees and energy prices themselves

…low-cost & automatic

  • Inexpensive acquisition – costs vary between EUR 170.00 and CHF 370.00 for an upgrade kit
  • Accelerated amortization of charging stations
  • Automatic money transaction from driver to charging box provider
  • Live data with charging history (energy, revenue, etc.)
  • Easy integration of solar panels to provide clean energy

Our energy utility partners

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