Our goal is for you to be able to find and charge an EV charging station as quickly as possible. The eCarUp EV charging app offers several options for both finding the stations and unlocking them:

Find EV Chargers

After logging in, you first get to the overview of the stations nearby. A click on the desired station takes you directly to its detailed view. There you will see the prices that apply to you.

If you are already standing in front of the charging station, you only need to scan the QR code on the station. The eCarUp app then takes you directly to the detailed view.

Once you have selected the charging station and plugged in the cable, you can start charging by tapping the “Activate” button.

E-Ladestation suchen in Lade App
Kartenansicht eCarUp Lade App

Payment & Billing

In order to be able to load, you have to enter a valid credit or debit card as payment method in the app. Before the charging process starts, we automatically check the load capacity of this card in the background. You can also check the cost of the charge live in the app at any time. At the end of the charging process, we automatically debit the amount owed to your stored payment method, send a receipt and transfer the amount to the station owner.

To learn more about billing, visit our page on Payment & Billing

​eCarUp EV Charging App: Find charging station and pay conveniently

With the eCarUp app you can find the nearest charging station in no time at all. And after loading, you can conveniently use the app as a payment medium. What distinguishes us from others: With eCarUp, the running costs are displayed live at any time. 


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