eCarUp Premium Function


Integrate e-charging stations seamlessly into your systems with eCarUp’s flexible and scalable API. By integrating important charging data into your ERP, CRM, billing or visualization solutions, you can optimize your operational processes and drive electromobility forward.

Customized solutions


Use cases of the API

Develop customized solutions with our API that are specifically tailored to your needs. Benefit from customizations and extend your services to better serve your customers. Transfer information seamlessly between systems to make the best use of existing infrastructure.

Integrate our data into your systems

Integrate the loading data into your existing systems: Seamless integration with familiar systems such as ERP, CRM and payment systems allows you to achieve process automation at the highest level and extend your existing systems while keeping your customer data secure.

Expand your existing app

Adding electric vehicle charging functionality can take your app to the next level. The eCarUp API gives you full control over electric vehicle charging functionality, including user authentication, tariffs, charging session data, payments and billing. So you can seamlessly provide this functionality to your customers.

Take off with eCarUp

Arrange a meeting with our specialists and find out more about our charging platform for electric vehicles. Schedule a demo today and discover how our solutions can drive your business forward!

API for e-charging stations


eCarUp Developer Hub

Integrate the charging data into your own app or web portal or create new customer-oriented interfaces. Use the flexibility and power of the eCarUp API to efficiently scale existing electric vehicle charging services, for example. Our continuous development ensures that you always have the tools to compete in the fast-moving global EV market.
Our REST API is fast, scalable and easy to use, which enables smooth integration into existing systems. With the right commands, you can automatically read and process data from the eCarUp platform, making your applications even more powerful.

Accelerate the development of your applications with our structured API documentation. Our clear instructions and examples help developers to quickly understand and effectively use the API.

→ API Documentation

Contact us for a conversation with one of our specialists and learn more about backend for e-charging stations. Schedule a demo now!



Vereinbare ein Einführungsgespräch mit unseren Spezialisten und erfahre mehr über unsere Ladeplattform für Elektrofahrzeuge. Vereinbare noch heute eine Demo und entdecke, wie unsere Lösungen dein Unternehmen vorantreiben können!

Premium Licence

CHF 240.-

one time

Free functions plus

  • Advanced user management
  • Reports
  • Maintenance incl. alarms
  • 15-minute import
  • Roaming
  • API

Gold Partner

On request

Gold partners have access to exclusive functions such as roles and rights, more export formats, for example IS-E and other features. Contact us for more information!


API for most e-charging stations

We work closely with leading charging station manufacturers. The API works for all e-charging stations that we have integrated. Find your charging station in our portfolio!

ABB Ladestationen Backend
Autel Backend
ABL Backend
Keba Ladestationen Backend
Alfen Ladestationen Backend
easee Wallbox Backend
easee Wallbox Backend
Bibus Backend
ABL Backend
Keba Ladestationen Backend
Zaptec Ladestationen Backend
Weidmueller Backend
Zaptec Ladestationen Backend
smart-me Backend
Alfen Ladestationen Backend


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