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Charging App

Discover our powerful app designed for EV drivers and charge point operators. From automated billing to finding charging stations to live monitoring, the eCarUp charging app is engineered to simplify the discovery of charging stations and make charging transparent.

eCarUp EV Charging App iOS
eCarUp EV Charging App Android
EV Charging App
Ladestationen Backend mit Lade App und Webportal.
eCarUp EV Charging App iOS
eCarUp EV Charging App Android

EV Station App

Charge Point Operator

eCarUp is the charging solution for you, your customers, tenants and employees.

Flexible tariffs

Flexible terms designed to dynamically scale with your business, providing a powerful charging station management platform without getting locked in. Define yourself who can load, when and at what price.

Live Monitoring

Live monitoring of the stations in the app and in the web portal.


Quick, seamless and secure payment by credit card or energy bill. Payment authentication is fast, simple and user-friendly. Your financial data is never stored or shared, ensuring your transactions are secure. Automatic processing alleviates the headache of debt collection.

EV Charging App


Find, monitor and pay for your chargings with just a few clicks. Whether you are at home, at work, running errands or on vacation, with eCarUp you will find reliable charging stations with transparent prices.

Find stations
Access real-time availability to quickly find EV charging stations at the click of a button. Customize your search and get information on connector types, maximum performance and prices for each charging station.
Charge easily

The only requirement for eCarUp is a smartphone and a credit card. During the charging process, you can see transparently how much the charge will cost.

Pay safely

Pay per credit card.

Lade App für Elektroautos mit transparenter Anzeige aller Kosten
All public eCarUp charging stations

This map shows all public eCarUp charging stations. You charge cheaper at eCarUp charging stations with the eCarUp app because there are no roaming fees. Find the current status and prices of all eCarUp charging stations in our charging app.


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