EV Roaming

We offer seamless integration with charging networks across Europe to increase the utilization of your charging stations. With our optional roaming, EV drivers can find and use your charging stations easily.

You can show your charging station to thousands of EV drivers in various charging apps – not only in the eCarUp app. How does it work? Public charging stations are usually integrated into a charging network, which in turn interconnect via roaming platforms. Sounds complicated at first. But you probably already know this principle from your smartphone, with which you can make phone calls and surf the world wide web while abroad thanks to roaming. The sam eprinciple applies to EV charging stations. You can easily (and free of charge) integrate your EV charger into an Europe-wide roaming platform.

Put your station on the map

eCarUp is partner of the roaming network Hubject.The eCarUp charging stations are automatically discoverable in partner networks, on Google Maps and in the navigation systems of some car manufacturers and are thus found very widely. The Hubject network provides access to several thousand charging stations worldwide.

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EV Roaming by Hubject

However, EV roaming is optional and must be activated by the station owner in the eCarUp web portal. Why? Roaming restricts station owners in terms of pricing, user selection, among other things. And at eCarUp, it’s especially important to us that our charge point operators remain flexible. If you want to learn more about EV roaming, read our Roaming article in the eCarUp Wiki.

Optional EV Roaming

As a station owner, it is best to decide on a case-by-case basis whether you want to integrate your charging station into EV roaming. While it may make sense for public charging stations, it is often better not to integrate semi-public or even private charging stations into EV roaming. 

Helping your business grow is at the heart of what we do at eCarUp. To get startet and test all the options our backend provides, you can easily do a test run with one of your stations. Find out which stations we support and how to connect the to our backend in our eCarUp Wiki article about EV stations.



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