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There are several billing options for EV charging stations in the eCarUp backend. Find out which one might suit you here.

eCarUp offers real-time and automated financial flows. Read on to learn how to bill chargings at your charging station with eCarUp.


Billing for Charging at Stations

eCarUp is a simple, free and transparent billing solution for all EV charging stations. Each of our billing options has these three points in common:


Billing via credit card is free of charge for the station point owner and fully automated.


The data, including costs, for the charging process can be viewed live at any time in the eCarUp charging app.


Set access rights and tariffs, monitor and manage the use of your charging station – simply online.

Payment via app

Drivers connect their credit card with the eCarUp app. Charging processes are started and stopped via the app. During charging, the app displays the costs and charging in real time. Billing takes place directly after completion of the charge. At the same time, the generated revenue is credited to the station owners account. They can arrange for the credit to be paid out to their bank account at any time. 

Costs: There are no costs for the station operator and the app is for free for drivers. eCarUp, however, collects a commission of 10% on each financial transaction. This means that if a driver charges for $5.00, the station owner is credited $4.50. If the charge is free for the driver, no fee is collected.

Payment via eCarUp App

With the eCarUp app, drivers find e-charging stations, monitor the charge and pay for it. The revenues generated are credited to the respective station owners. In the eCarUp web portal, they can arrange for payment to a bank account at any time.

Die Reports für die Abrechnung der Ladestationen lassen sich einfach im eCqrUp Webportal erstellen

Station owners can find their current balances in the web portal

Ladestationen abrechnen mit Reports

Drivers can see in real time how their electric car is charging.

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Instant Payment

Even users without an eCarUp app can easily activate charging stations. All drivers have to do is scan a QR code on the charging station and enter their credit card information. If desired, drivers can receive an e-mail receipt for the payment. eCarUp charging stations can therefore be used by anyone. 

Cost: Free for the charging station operator. However, eCarUp collects a commission of 10% on each financial transaction.

Identification at charging stations

In the case of instant payment, drivers do not have to identify themselves as an exception. For all other variants, identification is a prerequisite for billing. Why? As the owner, you determine who can charge at your charging stations. Before a charging station can be activated, the system must determine who wants to use the station and whether they are authorized to do so. Identification at the charging stations takes place either via an app, with an RFID card or, as soon as the technology is rolled out, via Plug&Charge. With the latter, drivers are identified via the so-called CarID. First, the identification can be used to determine whether the user is authorized to charge at the charging station. Secondly, the charge can be billed on the basis of the individually defined prices.

Individual billing

eCarUp reports evaluate the energy consumption and parking duration of users or charging points over any period of time. Thus, they show the costs transparently. In addition, you can define the VAT rate yourself. With eCarUp Reports you also get the possibility to export the data as a CSV file. Alternatively, the eCarUp system also offers open interfaces for automated data exchange. Advantage of this variant: You receive one invoice per company for all loads made.

Costs: Billing via reports requires an eCarUp Premium license. You can buy a subscription for CHF 2.- per month and charging point or a lifetime license for CHF 240.- per charging point.

Example: smart-me Inc. charging stations

The charging stations of smart-me AG are used by various employees on workdays. Via eCarUp Reports, the company creates cost reports for expense reporting and accounting. 

“75% of our fleet is electrified. The reports give me a clear overview of usage.”

Stefanie Nideröst

Head of Administration, smart-me AG

Die Reports für die Abrechnung der Ladestationen lassen sich einfach im eCqrUp Webportal erstellen

The eCarUp web portal shows all information on the use of the charging infrastructure.

report aus dem eCarUp Webportal für die Abrechnung von E-Ladestationen

Reports can be created for individual stations or users.

Billing charging stations for Prosumers

The charges can be billed with high, low, solar or other tariffs. The load profile data is integrated directly into a billing solution via the open interfaces. The usage can then be seen on the energy cost statement and is shown separately. The advantage of this solution: the charging stations can be integrated into the building’s energy management system. This allows the solar power to be used sensibly and billed transparently.

Cost: With an eCarUp Premium license, 15-minute load profile data can be imported. Thus, the charges can be billed with multiple tariffs.

Charging Stations in a Prosumer Apartment Building

Six parties live in the Oberbächli apartment building. Two parties own an electric car and charge it at home in the underground garage. The building is organized as a prosumer community. The charges are billed via the energy cost billing.

Apartment building with eight parties

Ladestationen in der ZEV abrechnen

Charging station on the energy bill

“Super simple system. With eCarUp, I manage one public and two tenant charging stations.”

Thomas K.

Owner, E-Man AG

Charging stations billed via electricity bill

The local energy supplier bills the charging stations directly via the electricity bill. The consumption data is transmitted via software interface. For this, the energy provider must be connected to eCarUp. eCarUp is working on expanding this option in cooperation with the local energy companies.

Cost: This option is only available to users in areas of our partner utilities.

eCarUp@home by Energie Thun AG

eCarUp@home is a product of Energie Thun AG. It is for landlords who offer charging stations to their tenants. Billing is based on consumption and the charging costs are automatically allocated and charged to the respective tenant.

Messinfrastruktur für Ladestationen in Mehrfamilienhäusern

The energy drawn at the charging station is charged to the tenant individually on the electricity bill.

“The demand for charging stations in apartment buildings is high. With eCarUp’s technology, we have developed a suitable product for this.”

Christop Woodtli

Product Manager, Energie Thun AG

Billing EV Charging Stations

The flexible eCarUp billing solution is particularly suitable for private and semi-private EV charging stations. It makes sense to consider how billing is to take place as early as the planning stage. The simplest of the five billing options with eCarUp is billing via the driver’s charging app or credit card. Whereas for larger companies, which may also have an electrified fleet of vehicles, using reports is a good option. And utilities tend to use automated interfaces to integrate EV charging station billing into existing energy cost billing processes. In addition, charging stations can also be integrated into prosumer communities and billed directly with other energy costs. No matter which billing method is right for you, we will be happy to advise you if you need more information.


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