Prices Backend

Prices Charging Station Backend

Our prices are like our charging solution: straightforward.

Important to know: There is always a 10% charge on credit card transactions. And in order to use the premium functions, a premium license must be purchased for each charging station in the account.

>500 happy customers

“Super simple system. With eCarUp I manage one public and two tenant charging stations.”

Thomas Käslin

Client, E-Man AG

“eCarUp was very easy to integrate into our energy system. This is how we optimize the self-consumption of our PV system. “

Max-Peter Felchlin

Client, sowiso-haus

Your advantages

Electric mobility is trendy: the numbers of electric vehicles is growing rapidly. Take the chance! With eCarUp charging you are ready for the future. It offers free basic functions as well as eCarUp Premium to cater to more advanced needs.


The solution can be flexibly adapted to your needs. You can easily integrate additional e-charging stations into the eCarUp backend at any time. We offer the most competitive prices for a charging station backend.

Future Proof

eCarUp is a cloud-based solution and independent of the hardware used. In addition, our solution offers open interfaces.


Users pay for exactly the electricity they use. The costs are displayed transparently at any time in the eCarUp app.

Adding Value

Charging stations increase the value of properties, living concepts with sustainable energy use are trendy. Make more of your e-charging stations and your PV system by using their synergies!


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