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eCarUp is a free OCPP backend for every EV charging station. Bill e-charging stations transparently, manage them effortlessly and offer your customers the best possible service. Uncomplicated, with low fixed costs and scalable.

OCPP Backend



Decide for yourself who can load when! You can easily set the tariffs yourself. And of course: If the station is free, we don’t charge any fees either.

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eCarUp provides up to real-time data on the loads. Station owners always have an overview of the status and usage of their stations.

User Management

Decide for yourself who is allowed to charge at your place. Only users who have permission to your station will see it in the app. Everyone else doesn’t.

eCarUp Premium


Reports evaluate the energy consumption and the parking time of users or charging points over any period of time.

eCarUp Premium


On the one hand, you can use maintenance to understand what has happened with the individual charges. On the other hand, it allows you to maintain your charging stations remotely.

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eCarUp Premium


If you want, you can integrate your charging stations into a roaming network. This is how your station is displayed in all major charging apps.

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Give your charging stations even more power. Use our interfaces to continue using the programs you already know.

smart-me API



3rd Party Services

OCPP Backend for all Use Cases

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Discover our billing solution with which you can bill loads according to consumption.

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Find your tailor-made OCPP backend solution that fits seamlessly into your system architecture.

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Discover our solution for charging stations in semi-public areas.

Prices Charging Station Backend

Our prices are like our charging solution: straightforward.

Important to know: There is always a 10% charge on credit card transactions. And in order to use the premium functions, a premium license must be purchased for each charging station in the account.


What is an OCPP Backend?

A charging station backend is software that enables billing, management, monitoring and maintenance of e-charging stations. With a backend, you can charge for charges, automate billing, monitor charging stations, and more. With eCarUp, the station owner normally takes responsibility for the operation. Nevertheless, the operators do not have to worry about collection, because billing is fully automated and station operators can adjust the terms of use at any time in our web portal.

Do I have to integrate all my charging stations into the eCarUp backend?

No, while many of our customers use the eCarUp backend for their entire charging infrastructure, the eCarUp backend can also be used for smaller individual charging stations to test our OCPP backend first.

For which charging stations is the eCarUp backend suitable?

eCarUp is compatible with numerous charging station manufacturers and models. Because our backend complies with the Open Source communication standard Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 JSON. This is a standard software interface for communication between e-charging stations and a backend, such as eCarUp. Stations from a wide variety of manufacturers can be activated and billed via the OCPP interface, and a set of standard commands can be exchanged between the backend and the station. Although OCPP is a standard, we test every charging station before declaring it compliant to make sure everything works for you.

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How long does the integration into the eCarUp backend take?

Integration with our OCPP backend is almost a click of a mouse. If you have access to a station, you can immediately start with the integration. For this purpose we have published a lot of tutorials for the different charging station manufacturers on our wiki.

For more advanced features like reports or integration with third party systems you need to spend a bit more time to get the most out of it.

Is eCarUp Free really free?

For charging station providers: yes! eCarUp Free is not a free trial version but offers all the important basic functions for billing and managing charging stations. You can add hundreds of charging stations and unlimited users and the number of charges is unlimited. And if your demands increase, our software grows with you. You can easily upgrade to Premium.

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The planning, installation and operation of charging infrastructure can be challenging. That’s why we have hundreds of installation partners who provide support and have been trained on our OCPP backend.


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