go-e Charger Gemini flex

go-e wallboxes can be easily integrated into our free backend. The eCarUp backend allows you to monitor and bill the wallbox. With eCarUp Premium, additional functions can be added.
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Free go-e Backend

There is always a 10% charge on credit card transactions.

go-e wallbox

EVTEC espresso&charge
Charging capacity
  • Typ 2 (AC)
  • Two variants: 11 kW or 22 kW
  • For indoor and outdoor
  • RCD protection module with DC current detection
  • Locking of the charging cable
  • RFID access control

eCarUp Free

There is always a 10% charge on credit card transactions. No further integration fee or subscriptions.

Payment & Billing

With eCarUp Free, you benefit from a free billing solution. You decide who can charge, when and at what price. You can set prices for charging (per kWh) and parking (per hour). The generated revenue is transferred to your bank account.

more info on Payment and Billing →


Monitor the status of your e-charging infrastructure online at any time. In the eCarUp web portal you can see how many charging stations are currently online, connected, busy or out of service. Monitoring is an eCarUp Free feature.

Simple User Management

Register special users, for example employees, who are allowed to use your charging stations under certain conditions and/or at certain times. This allows you to make your station public on weekends, for example, and make it accessible only to employees or customers during office hours.

eCarUp Premium

Buy more features with an eCarUp Premium Licence.


Display your charging stations in all popular charging apps. With roaming, you achieve a higher utilization of your public charging points.

More Info about EV Roaming →


Easily diagnose and maintain your charging station on the computer. This allows you to restart or unlock charging stations, among other things. This way you reduce the support effort by not having to send a technician on site.

→ more info about EV charging station maintenance

User Groups

Create and maintain user groups and assign these station groups. This reduces the administrative effort involved in managing large charging infrastructures with many users.

mehr Infos zu Nutzergruppen → 


The reports function provides a comprehensive overview of the charging processes at your charging stations. With just a few clicks you get the energy consumption and the parking time per charging point or user. The costs are displayed transparently and you can define the VAT rate yourself. Reports is an eCarUp Premium feature.

→ more info on Reports


Our API provides a user-friendly interface for retrieving charging data, starting and stopping charging processes, checking the availability of charging stations in real time and much more. With the API, you can create customized solutions that fit seamlessly into your system landscape.

→ more info about the API

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