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Offering charging solutions has enormous potential for  utilities. And it is a unique opportunity to position your company as an innovative pioneer. Take the chance with our EV charging solution!

EV charging solutions for utilities


eCarUp is a Swiss tech company and offers charging solutions for utilities. We make it possible to easily monitor, rent and bill charging stations. The utilities assumes the role of the station operator and designs the business model for the end customer on its own. We support energy suppliers in the realization and implementation.



We support you in developing your charging solution and expanding it quickly if necessary. We enable charging stations wherever EV drivers are: at home, at work and on the road.

eCarUp even offers the implementation of high, low and solar tariffs for specific charging stations.

Billing & Payment

From simple credit card billing to the creation of individual station or user reports to integration into your existing billing solution, you can adapt billing to your needs.

Hardware Agnostic

eCarUp is hardware-agnostic and supports a large number of manufacturers and models. In the link below you will find all the models that have already been tested and proven.

Charging App

We provide everything you and your customers need to successfully operate EV charging stations. This includes a mobile app with a payment function, live view of the current load, filter functions and much more.


Certain EV charging stations can also be billed in groups for self-consumption (prosumers), including billing of high, low and solar tariffs.


We enable billing of charging stations via electricity bills thanks to various export formats such as IS-E, MSCONS or CSV.

White Label

Integrate electric charging into your brand and increase customer loyalty.

Swiss Technology

eCarUp is a backend developed in Switzerland with its own development capacities.


We offer partners and customers reliable 2nd level B2B support and detailed online documentation.

All-in-One EV Charging Solution

We offer tailor-made charging solutions for utilities. The eCarUp platform covers private, semi-private and public charging. Dozens of municipal utilities already rely on our solution. Find out in the references below how public utilities and energy suppliers have implemented charging solutions.

Ladelösung für Energieversorger und Stadtwerke


Energie Thun offers services for company-owned charging stations.

E-Mobility EVU


ESAG developed a business case with charging stations for tenants.

Ladelösung für Stadtwerke und Energieversorger öffentliche E-Ladestationen in Biel

Roadside Charging

The city of St. Gallen has created solution for urban residents without their own parking spot



Defining prices, setting opening hours, monitoring status and usage live, billing charges and simple user administration are free eCarUp Free functions for providers.

With premium licenses and the gold partnership we offer even more functions.

Premium Licence

CHF 240.-


eCarUp Free functions plus

  • Advanced user management
  • Reports
  • Maintenance
  • 15-Minute Import
  • Roaming

Gold Partner

On Request

Gold partners have access to exclusive functions such as roles and rights, more export formats such as IS-E and other features. Contact us for more information!


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