Charging stations for tenants and condominium owners

Residential EV Charging

We make it easy to roll out a charging solution for tenants and condos. Without risk or hidden costs. With eCarUp you can easily determine who is allowed to charge, when and at what price. Leave the paperwork behind, change of tenants, administrative work and the preparation of statements are all done with a mouse click.

Residential EV Charging


We are a Swiss technology company offering charging solutions for residential charging. We enable charge point operators to easily monitor, rent and bill EV charging stations. Our pricing is as simple as possible, you pay neither on-boarding fees nor expensive subscriptions. And our trained partners support you in the implementation of your EV charging infrastructure.

Residential EV Charging


Our platform offers everything and more to manage your charging infrastructure according to your needs. There are no on-boarding fees or expensive subscriptions.

You can start with a single charging station and scale as the need arises.

Convenient Billing

From simple credit card billing to the creation of individual station or user reports to integration into your existing billing solution, you can adapt billing to your needs.

Hardware agnostic

Our charging solution is hardware-independent and supports a large number of manufacturers and models. You can switch to our backend with your EV charging stations at any time.


We offer a wide variety of interfaces in IS-E, MSCONS and other third-party systems. So you can continue with your existing administrative processes.

Integration in Prosumer

Certain e-charging stations can also be billed with tariffs depending on the source of energy and/or time, including high, low and solar tariffs.

All-in-One Charging Solution for residential EV charging

We offer tailor-made charging solutions for tenants and condominium owners. Find out in the references how various property management companies have implemented charging stations.

Camping Vermeille mit Ladestationen


Guests can charge their EVs at the Vermeille campsite. Whether in the visitor car park or at fixed stands, all charging processes are paid for by smartphone. The collection risk is eliminated.
Ladestationen in Immobilien von Alfred Müller

Alfred Müller AG

Alfred Müller AG relies on our scalable and uncomplicated EV charging solution for tenants. The company now operates over 200 charging stations throughout Switzerland.

Ladestationen im Hotel


The charging stations for the Zimel condominiums are offered with a rental/purchase system. The acquisition costs are shared. After that, the user pays a rent for the use of the infrastructure.

Prices Charging Station Backend

Our prices are like our charging solution: straightforward.

Important to know: There is always a 10% charge on credit card transactions. And in order to use the premium functions, a premium license must be purchased for each charging station in the account.


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