Rent out your charging station

with eCarUp you easily and safely rent out your charging station

Verdiene Geld mit deiner Ladestation!

eCarUp ist ein einfaches, kostengünstiges System für das Verwalten von Ladepunkten.



You chose who, when and at what price uses your charging station


One just needs a smartphone to use an eCarUp charging station

bill precisely

Set the prices for energy and parking time yourself

think furthrt

load management, bridge to the building, solar power – with eCarUp you are ready for the future

Ho to earn money with a charging station?

Wither you buy a charging station already including the eCarUp hardware or an electrician builds the eCarUp hardware into the charging box of your choice. As soon as the charging station is connected to eCarUp you can start renting out your charging station.


Whether it is a single charging station owner who wants to share his charging station with a single neighbor or a business which looks for a sophisticated access and payment scheme – eCarUp a simple system adaptable to all contexts.

…simple & universal

• Load management functions
• Individual user rights (availability, energy costs and parking fees)
• barrier free use – only a smartphone is needed to charge

…low-cost & automatic

• Inexpensive acquisition
• Automatic money transactions for the charging processes
• Live data with charging history (energy, revenue, etc.)

Check out the eCarUp App

The free charging app for EV drivers.

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