Backend for EV charging stations

eCarUp offers an easy billing and management solution for your and your customers EV charging stations.
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Free Backend

eCarUp is the free back-end solution for all charging stations and their integration into energy management systems. Moreover, you can keep working with your existing company software thanks to open interfaces.

hardware agnostic

No matter which charging station you install, eCarUp offers a universal backend. eCarUp integrates stations via standard interface or retrofit set.


Create a tariff structure according to your wishes. The charging stations can also be provided free of charge.

open interface

eCarUp offers open interface to many softwares. Therefore you can continue using your tried and tested company software.

Monitor, Optimize, Bill

eCarUp ist the flexible solution for real estate companies, energy utilities and electricians. Not only can you set the prices yourself but you are also free to chose the charging hardware and the functions according to your use case. Ideal to manage EV stations on multiple sites. Learn more about the functions of the eCarUp backend here.

Charging at home, at work or while running errands

Only eCarUp offers you this much flexibility at such ease. Since eCarUp is cloud-based we are open for technological progress. Learn here, how our partners realize charging stations.

Partner Up

Offer your customers an easy and convenient billing and management system for their EV charging stations. Your advantages on one glance:

  • Easy installation
  • Simple load management
  • Flexible configuration

eCarUp charging network

Hundreds of charging stations are already online. Moreover, users can use thousands of charging station worldwide thanks to roaming.

charging stations



Our pricing is just like our backend: easy. The basic functions are free. There is a 10% commission on all credit card transactions. Additional software is bought per month and per charging point.


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