Not only you can benefit from the installation of e-charging stations, but also your friends, colleagues, employees or tenants! All you have to do is bring your e-charging station into the eCarUp charging network and set the prices and availability. In this article you will learn what every charging point operator needs to know about prices and payouts.

It’s free to list your charging station

Registering with eCarUp and listing your charging station is completely free. Just create a free account. Here you can create a profile for all of your charging stations, including pictures, prices and authorized users.

What you charge for is up to you

As soon as your station is in the eCarUp backend, you can determine yourself how much users pay for energy and parking time. Some locations combine the two forms: For example, CHF 0.35 / kWh plus CHF 1.00 / hour.
In addition, you can make individual agreements with individual users about their charging tariffs. For example, you can specify which users should pay less (or more;) than others (e.g. employees or tenants). In our use cases you will find many different business models for the operation of charging infrastructure.


We receive 10% of every financial transaction. That means if someone charges you for CHF 5.-, CHF 0.50 goes to eCarUp. So keep this in mind when setting your prices. The fees help us to finance the product development and operation of the eCarUp platform. If you offer your charging station for free, there are no fees. Because 10% of CHF 0.00 is still CHF 0.00;). So your earnings are calculated from your prices minus our fee.
Your earnings from a top-up are immediately displayed in your history. So you can check your earnings at any time. The payment is made directly to your bank account.

Add-ons for reporting and maintenance

While the basic functions such as billing and monitoring are free, you can also use additional functions such as extended reporting and maintenance for a small fee. These will be charged extra. You can find all information about our prices on our Backend Prices page. It is important to consider these costs when developing a pricing strategy.

Ready, ready, earn

At eCarUp we are committed to ensuring that you are successful with your charging stations. With a secure payment system, low fees and the free choice of prices, you can concentrate fully on your core business without having to worry about your charging stations.


  • Create a listing for free and choose what you want to charge
  • Receive your payout via direct deposit
  • To avoid any surprises, research local taxes


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