Real Estate and EV Charging

The exponential growth of electric mobility is both an opportunity and a challenge for the real estate owners. On the one hand, it is becoming more and more interesting to equip properties with charging stations, as this represents a substantial upgrade in the eyes of electric car drivers. On the other hand, buildings require individual solutions for monitoring, managing and billing the charging points.

Alfred Müller AG relies on eCarUp for e-charging stations. The family business has a real estate portfolio with a current value of over one billion Swiss francs. All buildings are equipped with the first few EV charging stations and empty pipes are standard so that they can be retrofitted at a later date.

Real estate industry and electric mobility

Electric mobility occupies investors and real estate managers alike, because the first point of contact for electric charging stations from the tenant’s point of view is the property management, while investors turn to the property developer. Alfred Müller AG, as one of the leading Swiss real estate service providers, takes on both roles. In the course of the rapidly advancing digitalization and the energy transition, the real estate company is intensively exploring options for how properties can be expanded in a future-oriented manner. Alfred Müller AG, based in Baar, Switzerland, was looking for a smart solution for both setting up and operating charging stations.


«eCarUp impresses with its advanced load management and ease of use: all charging stations can be controlled on the same platform. Thanks to eCarUp, electric mobility can be scaled quickly and easily in our real estate portfolio. »

Michael Müller

Member of the Executive Board, Alfred Müller AG

Future-proof charging infrastructure for real estate

The empty pipes and connections for charging stations are prepared in every new building of Alfred Müller AG. In addition, two to four charging points per property are installed from the start. Alfred Müller AG operates charging stations for electric cars at several locations in the Zug area. The charging stations are located in Cham, for example, at the Prisma business park, at the Quadra office building and at Neuhofstrasse in Baar. The charging stations are used by tenants, employees of office buildings and business parks, and the general public. The public charging stations can be used by any electric car driver. Drivers only need a smartphone to unlock the charging stations.


Intelligent billing solution

eCarUp was able to convince with the flexibility of the billing solution. Alfred Müller AG sets the prices for the charged energy and parking time individually for each location. Certain user groups, such as employees, can also be given special conditions. Payment is made by credit card as standard.

What was important to Alfred Müller AG was the possibility of barrier-free charging for all drivers. For this, eCarUp offers the instant payment function, which enables uncomplicated loading without registration or membership in eCarUp.


Hardware Agnostic

Since eCarUp is independent of the charging station manufacturer, Alfred Müller AG was able to choose between different charging box manufacturers and models. The choice fell on the products of the German company Wallbe. Wallbe stations are valuable, customizable and available in different versions. Wallbe installed the eCarUp hardware directly into the charging boxes.

Load management

Due to the high currents required for fast charging of electric car batteries, the integration of the charging infrastructure into the building technology is demanding. That is why eCarUp also offers load management on the software side. Because even with just a few connections for electric vehicles, the existing house connection can be overloaded. When planning, performance limits must therefore be taken into account as well as load control in order to avoid peak loads. If the number of charging cars changes, the eCarUp load management automatically adjusts the charging speed so that each car is supplied with power without causing an overload. Last but not least, specific requirements and standards must be met for the safe operation of an e-charging station. The eCarUp retrofit sets are MID certified and therefore already meet the standards of energy meters for billing.


Planning time: approx. 3 months
Cost per charging point (excluding installation costs): 2000 CHF


On average, CHF 20.00 per month since commissioning was received by Alfred Müller AG with the charging stations, with an upward trend.

With eCarUp, all costs can be calculated. On the one hand, the backend offers free basic functions, which are carried out by the eCarUp commission. The eCarUp commission can easily be included in the pricing of the charging station. On the other hand, eCarUp offers essential additional functions for charging infrastructures of this size. This includes the advanced eCarUp load management, with which excessive expansion costs of the connected load are avoided with an increasing number of electric cars. The existing connected load is used optimally. In addition, the eCarUp software allows the administration to be automated as far as possible. The administrative effort at Alfred Müller AG is limited to a few hours a year.


Opportunities for charging electric vehicles in parking lots enhance properties. Alfred Müller AG already operates over 160 charging stations at various locations and preparations are being made to expand the charging infrastructure. Expenses for charging infrastructure are forward-looking investments that increase the value of the property.


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