EV Stations in Real Estate

The increasing number of electric vehicles presents the real estate industry with new challenges - and opportunities! Charging stations in real estate require individual solutions depending on the location. Alfred Müller AG therefore relies on our scalable and convenient charging solution for real estate.

Preparing for future growth of EV stations in Real Estate

Alfred Müller AG, a family-owned company with a real estate portfolio worth more than one billion Swiss francs, is naturally planning for the future needs of building users. After all, almost one in 25 cars in Switzerland is already a plug-in vehicle. And it is assumed that the share of electric cars will increase to 10 to 20 percent by 2035. For this reason, Alfred Müller AG equips all buildings with EV charging stations. In addition, new buildings are planed in way so that they can be retrofitted at a later date.

One Charging Solution for Tenants, Employees, and the Public

The charging stations of Alfred Müller AG have to meet various requirements. This is because they are located at business parks, at office buildings and in underground garages of apartment buildings. The charging stations are therefore used by tenants, employees as well as the general public. Consequently, the charging stations in the properties require differentiated pricing.

Ladestationen in Tiegarage. Ladelösung für Immobilien

Transparent Costs

The basic features are borne by the 10% commission. This includes all credit card and other fees. So if a driver charges for CHF 5.00, CHF 4.50 goes to Alfred Müller AG and CHF 0.50 to eCarUp. The eCarUp commission can therefore easily be included in the pricing of the charging station. Therefore, all costs are calculable.

eCarUp Premium

Alfred Müller is using eCarUp Premium features for its EV stations:

Advanced User Management

Create and maintain user groups and assign them to station groups. This reduces the administrative effort for managing large charging infrastructures with many users.


Easily diagnose and maintain your charging station on the computer. This allows you to restart or unlock charging stations, among other things. This way you reduce the support effort by not having to send a technician on site.

→ more info about EV charging station maintenance


Display your charging stations in all popular charging apps. With roaming, you achieve a higher utilization of your public charging points.

More Info about EV Roaming →


The reports function provides a comprehensive overview of the charging processes at your charging stations. With just a few clicks you get the energy consumption and the parking time per charging point or user. The costs are displayed transparently and you can define the VAT rate yourself. Reports is an eCarUp Premium feature.

→ more info on Reports

Mann lädt E-Auto

Flexible EV Charging Solution for Real Estate

With eCarUp, Alfred Müller AG found a smart EV charging station backend and charging can be managed, monitored, restricted and reported conveniently.

Alfred Müller AG sets the prices for charged energy and parking time individually for each location. In this way, certain user groups, such as employees, receive special conditions. These user groups are also assigned to certain station groups, which means you can edit user rights in bulk. The settings are made in the eCarUp web portal and can be changed at any time.

Moreover, eCarUp allows for grid-safe charging. Without it, installing EV charging stations creates an immediate need to increase main fuses, raising the overall costs, and long waiting time before the charging service is fully in use.

Bürogebäude mit E-Ladestationen

“eCarUp impresses with its advanced load management and ease of use: all charging stations can be controlled via the same platform. Thanks to eCarUp, electric mobility can be scaled easily and quickly in our real estate portfolio.”

Michael Müller

Member of the Executive Board, Alfred Müller AG

Electrified into the future

The widespread expansion of EV charging stations in real estate is crucial to the success of electric mobility. We help you meeting the demands of tenants and customers by including smart EV charging into your property management immediately. Contact us for a consultation!


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