Do want to monetize your EV charging station? It’s easy with eCarUp. Bring your Webasto online, bill its use transparently and monitor the station in real time. The station operator himself determines who can charge when, at what price and receives a credit for the charging processes that have taken place.


eCarUp partners are trained to install and configure EV charging stations exactly to your needs. Check out our partner page to find an electrician close to you!

  • Integrated charging cable with 7 m
  • For all type 2 electric cars
Charging Power

Up to 22 kW charging power


RFID, Plug & Charge or QR code

Energy Meter

Integrated MID energy meter


Additionally required on the installation side: FI type A EV or FI type B


Once integrated into the eCarUp Backend, you enjoy free basic functions such as monitoring, billing, and listing on various charging networks.

Billing Siemens Sicharge

Benefit from a free billing solution. Payment is made by credit card and is completely automated. 

Add-On: Maintenance

Maintenance enables advanced configurations and diagnostics of OCPP stations to be carried out. With this additional module, which is subject to a fee, you can detect and rectify faults at the Webasto station.

3 easy steps 

Create Account

Create a free account on the eCarUp website. Without registration fees or subscription.

Set tariffs

Bring your Webasto station online and determine who can use your station, when and at what price.

Earn Money

The income generated is paid out to your bank account at the push of a button.

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