In June 2023, eCarUp cracked the 10,000 charging station mark. eCarUp is picking up charging station operators who question high fees for billing services and want a modern, affordable alternative. eCarUp serves this group with an intuitively understandable cost model. For simple billing, only 10% is charged on credit card transactions. The rapid growth of the last few years shows that an alternative like eCarUp is needed in the Swiss market. As a result, eCarUp has become the platform with the most public EV charging stations in Switzerland (1).

We are very happy to have reached this milestone and to be able to serve the increasing demand for backend functionality for e-charging stations in Switzerland,” says Fabian Trinkler, CEO of eCarUp. “Our simple cost model and user-friendly platform have helped establish us as a trusted partner for charging station operators. We are proud that our solution is helping to accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

More than just billing

Billing the e-charging stations is only part of the eCarUp backend solution. Station owners can also set opening hours, monitor status and usage live, and manage users. With a premium license, additional features such as roaming, advanced user management, reports, maintenance or 15-minute imports for multi-tariff billing are available. Based on customer feedback, the backend is continuously enhanced. A key advantage of eCarUp: The backend is completely developed in Switzerland and can therefore be adapted to specific Swiss needs.

About eCarUp

eCarUp offers a simple, user-friendly and hardware-independent billing solution for all e-charging stations. In June 2023, eCarUp reached the 10,000 mark of connected e-charging stations, making eCarUp one of the top backend solutions in Switzerland. After the charging station integration, eCarUp customers receive a functional backend solution for their e-charging station and can start charging for charges at their e-charging stations. Payment flows are managed by eCarUp partner Stripe, guaranteeing a secure and reliable payment system. eCarUp is backed by smart-me AG, a challenger in the metering industry, and Energie Thun AG, an innovative energy provider.

For further information, please refer to our website or Head of Marketing Martina Hickethier: +41 41 510 17 14, [email protected]


1) Manuela Paganini: Bitte laden. Der Alltag mit einem Elektroauto ist kompliziert – wie die Probleme gelöst werden sollen, in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 16.02.2023, (retrieved on 16.02.2023).

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