Pico smart EV charging

Pico is the future-proof, smart EV charging station – for private use as well as public use. Any electric car registered in Europe can be charged with Pico. The station is particularly convenient and comes with many additional benefits such as load management or phase balancing.

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Fabian Trinkler CEO eCarUp

Fabian Trinkler


Pico is the e-charging station for homes, businesses and public spaces

Pico is a high-tech charging station. It was developed from scratch by smart-me in Switzerland. The technical innovation: Pico connects to the cloud via local WiFi or mobile communications. This means that customers and station operators have real-time data available to optimize energy, bill charges transparently and distribute loads intelligently.

All mobile phone costs are included in the purchase price!

E-Ladestation Pico auf einem öffenlichemPArkplatz in der blauen Zone

Smart & Connected

Pico EV charging station with live data including a charge management backend


Pico offers everything you need to set up a modern charging infrastructure

Design, technology, flexibility, performance – we have developed Pico for you, an e-charging station that covers every customer need.

Our focus is on the highest level of functionality, because charging the cars and billing should be as straightforward as possible.




Pico brings the locally produced solar energy into the car. This makes the entire energy system more sustainable and, above all, more connected.


Convenient billing: Pico is automatically integrated into the eCarUp billing solution. Data can also be imported into your own systems..


Start small and scale with ease: Pico allows an uncomplicated start into electric mobility. The charging infrastructure can be expanded as demand increases.


Connection to the cloud via WLAN or cellular network. A SIM is built into every charging station as standard.


Pico is extremely compact at 30 x 22 x 11.2cm (H x W x D). It can be used inside as well as outside (IP54).


Pico meets the highest requirements. The EV-Station is MID-certified and complies with German calibration law.


Visualizes charging processes, statistics and malfunctions in the eCarUp web portal.


Load more cars and prevent unbalanced loads thanks to integrated dynamic phase compensation.


We have created open interfaces to easily integrate Pico EV charging stations into higher-level energy systems.


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