Removal of the time selection for activating the charging process:

The new update removes the time selection when starting a charging process.

Important: Charging remains active for 48 hours until the station or the car ends the charging process. Of course, the charging process can also be ended manually at any time via the app or the charging cable can be disconnected to end it.

“Filter” partner stations / end of EMP functionality:

We have discontinued the EMP functionality in the eCarUp app as of 30.11.2023.

As of this date, it will no longer be possible for drivers to activate charging stations from partner networks via the eCarUp app; only charging points operated via the eCarUp platform will be available.

With this change, eCarUp is focussing on an efficient solution for station management and billing. In this context, the CPO functionality for roaming included in eCarUp Premium remains unrestricted and unchanged.

This means that eCarUp charging stations can still be shared with other partner networks via Hubject, these charging points will then continue to be displayed as usual and without interruption at the other charging providers and can also be activated and billed via the partner networks.

Station operator information:

Information about the station operator or owner is now displayed for drivers at each charging station. This enables drivers to find help more quickly at the right place in the event of local problems at the charging station.