eCarUp introduces new apps and web portal for the rental of charging stations. The new apps and web portal not only look better than before, they also run more stable, faster and are easier to use.

Electromobility for apartment buildings and SMEs

Regardless of whether it is a customer parking lot or an underground car park in an apartment building, electric mobility is on the rise. By 2030, every fifth car will be a plug-in vehicle, requiring a wallbox. It can be difficult to integrate charging infrastructure with existing billing or energy management software. eCarUp solves this problem because eCarUp allows all charging stations to be monitored, managed and billed on a single platform.

Simple charging solution for private providers

So far there were either public or private charging stations. eCarUp stations can be both. Thanks to the flexibility of the backend, the station owner can freely decide who is allowed to charge and at what price. Because most charging station providers have a different core business than operating charging stations, they need a charging solution that integrates easily with their existing business software. eCarUp cuts out tech gibberish, while providing open interfaces to third-party systems.

New web portal and apps

The new web portal allows even easier management of the charging infrastructure. The dashboard lists the stations clearly and gives an overview of the last events. With the addition of load management, reporting and maintenance features, private charging station owners have the opportunity to build their charging infrastructure step by step with the latest technology. The apps continue to provide easy installation and live data on all transactions – both for drivers and station owners. The eCarUp app can be freely downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Billing of electric car charges

eCarUp ensures that providers always make optimal use of their charging stations. The standard billing of the charging is done via the credit card. The revenues generated are automatically credited to the charging station operator. The credit can be withdrawn at any time. However, the charging stations can also be integrated into self-consumption (prosumer) associations. Some energy suppliers already use the interface to eCarUp and charge charging in their supply area via the electricity bill.

About eCarUp

eCarUp AG is a tech startup and spin-off of smart-me Inc based in Rotkreuz, Zug. It is the first hardware-independent backend for e-charging stations. Users can manage and charge charging stations via smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Additional functions such as load management, maintenance and reporting complete the product package.

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