Public EV Charging Stations

by Energie Thun AG

Energie Thun offers both e-station owners and drivers comprehensive e-mobility services. The operating model is adapted to the individual needs – from private charging stations with billing via electricity bills to the operation of public rapid charging stations and direct payment by credit card. All stations, users, prices and billing are managed on the eCarUp platform.

eCarUp – the platform for every case

eCarUp brings the charging station owners and the e-car drivers together in an uncomplicated manner. Drivers find, activate and pay for charging processes using the free eCarUp app. Moreover, the eCarUp app also enables access to over 60,000 charging points in Europe via Roaming. Station owners provide the charging points at the times and prices you require. The charging data and costs (energy and parking time) are shown in real time.

We at Energie Thun are convinced of the advantages of sustainable electric mobility. We offer to our customers simple and convincing solutions on a proactive basis. eCarUp offers us the necessary instrument for all relevant applications in the supply area.

Christoph Woodtli

Project & Innovation Manager Energie Thun, Energie Thun AG

Private charging stations in apartment buildings

Maximum convenience is the motto for private charging stations – for residents and administration. Energie Thun works out the concept for charging stations for every property. The residents choose whether to buy or rent a station. All costs for energy, maintenance and, if applicable, rent will be charged by Energie Thun directly on the quarterly electricity bill. The data required for the meter load profile are automatically read by eCarUp into the billing system of Energie Thun AG. The energy supplier then serves its end customers with the invoice using the already established standard processes. The on-site intelligence of eCarUp also ensures that the charging stations have intelligent load management.

The user benefits from carefree use of the station – all he has to do is plug in at home; in the event of a move, he can rent a station at the next location. The administration benefits from exact and reliable billing without any effort. If required, Energie Thun also checks a pre-investment in the basic electrical infrastructure for the electrification of the parking spaces.

Tenant parking spaces

In buildings with a need for e-mobility, a fixed number of parking spaces are already being developed with a basic electrical infrastructure and the first charging points are being installed. Afterwards, the charging points can be expanded modularly and based on the need in the superstructure. Because an e-mobility concept and stations with load management were taken into account right from the start, the costs per charging point can be kept as low as possible.


With eCarUp@home, Energie Thun AG offers a simple and intelligent charging solution for apartment buildings.


More Information

Energie Thun AG determines the technical feasibility for eCarUp@home on site, develops the installation concept, obtains offers from local businesses and contacts the administration or owner of the building.

Christoph Woodtli
Phone +41 33 225 66 39

eCarUp@home – Energie Thun AG

Semi-public charging stations

With eCarUp, the station owner can decide at any time who is charging at his station, when and at what price. The type of access (public, limited, private) and the users with special rights can be adapted with just a few clicks and differentiated over time. A win-win-win situation arises: Otherwise unused charging points can be rented and thus made accessible to other users. Thanks to the organically growing charging network, Energie Thun as a utility has to invest less in expensive public infrastructure. Nevertheless, the number of available charging points for drivers is increasing – even in peripheral locations where there would otherwise be no public access.

Electrified Employee Parking Spaces

With this model, the employee parking spaces of Energie Thun AG are only available to company employees during office hours and at a special price. In the evening and on weekends, the public can join in – but at a different price. The activation at the station is done simply by pressing a button in the app or by scanning the QR code.

The advancing electromobility in conjunction with digitalization holds great opportunities for municipal utilities, but also brings with it some challenges. The real-time data of the eCarUp platform allow us both innovative business models and forward-looking monitoring in the distribution network area – for example for regional load management.

Michael Gruber

CEO, Energie Thun AG

Public EV Charging Stations

All public AC and DC charging points in Thun can be easily found and activated in the eCarUp app or a partner network. The price for the charge is displayed at any time based on the prices for energy and parking time stored by the station provider. Alternatively, the loading process can also be initiated by scanning the QR code on the station and thus on an ad hoc basis and with a one-time payment by credit card. In any case, the corresponding amount of money is debited to the credit card immediately after the loading process has ended and the driver receives a receipt – complete transparency is guaranteed.

Fast Charging Stations

The 3 in 1 fast charger at the Hohmad shop offers fast electricity for all connector types. Users activate CCS, ChaDemo and Type 2 connections individually via app or QR code. The credit card is used to pay directly to an account of Energie Thun AG.

Fit for the future

eCarUp is a manufacturer-independent and innovation-open platform. This enables Energie Thun to always use the latest and most powerful charging technology in the dynamic e-mobility market and thus to offer a convincing service portfolio. In addition, eCarUp will use the combination of real-time data and its own development expertise to implement additional functionalities in the future. Regional load management and dynamic price models are just two of many examples.


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